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The Global Test of
Platelet Reactivity

Upcoming Events

PlaCor  representatives will be exhibiting at the upcoming TCT Conference October 14 - 16, 2008.
Look for us at Booth #1756.





About PlaCor
PlaCor, Inc. is a development stage company formed in 2003 by four former executives of AVECOR Cardiovascular, Inc.  The company’s first product is an instrument to help physicians evaluate the effect of aspirin, Plavix®, or other anti-platelet drugs which they prescribe to their patients to inhibit the clot formation that can cause heart attacks and strokes.  Physicians are aware that up to 50% of patients do not respond at all or are “low” responders to aspirin and Plavix, putting them at an increased risk for an adverse event.  With at least 48 million people on chronic aspirin or aspirin plus Plavix therapy to prevent heart attack, strokes and stent thrombosis, testing to ensure that patients are protected by their antiplatelet therapy is estimated by PlaCor to be a $1.6 billion dollar market opportunity in the U.S. alone.
PlaCor’s instrument, called the PRT™, measures how reactive (or activated) a person’s platelets are.  Reactive platelets are more likely to form a clot than platelets that are less reactive.  The PRT test uses a finger-prick blood sample and takes only a few minutes.  Since the PRT test measures platelet reactivity and is not drug specific, it can be used for evaluating the effectiveness of one or a combination of anti-platelet drugs.  The company anticipates receiving approval to sell the PRT in 2008.

 ** The PlaCor PRT is for research use only and is not for sale in the U.S.


For more information about PlaCor, please contact Bill Haworth, President and CEO.